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Snake of the Day: Bullsnake

Today’s snake is one known for its feisty attitude – the Bullsnake. Bullsnakes are stocky, three to five foot long snakes that are common in Texas. When threatened, they will often curve themselves into the defensive S-shaped pose pictured below. This pose is often considered aggressive and intimidating, but don’t be fooled. These snakes are […]

Snake of the Day: Western Hooknose Snake

Today’s snake of the day is a small snake that loves to hide – the Western Hooknose Snake. This harmless little reptile is found in West Texas, southern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona, and Mexico. It is fairly common to find these snakes in the Chihuahuan Desert, under rocks or burrowed in the ground. Western Hooknose Snakes […]

Snake of the Day: Milk Snake

Remember that old saying, “Red next to yellow, kill a fellow; red next to black, friend of Jack”? Well it is important to remember with today’s snake of the day: the Milk Snake! Milk Snakes are non-venomous imitators of the venomous Coral Snake, which is also found in Texas. On Milk Snakes, the red band and […]

Gardening with Snakes

Gardeners take note – snakes are actually beneficial in the garden! Snakes prey on rodents, slugs, and insects, all of which can be detrimental to plants. If you know the struggles of dealing with a pest infestation, you understand the benefit of having some help nearby. Smaller snakes can wipe out a swarm of grasshoppers, and […]