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Snake of the Day: Buttermilk Racer

Today’s Snake of the Day is the Buttermilk Racer. This snake is one of many racers found in Texas, but is unique in its appearance. Buttermilk Racers often look mainly dark with light speckles, like the snake shown below. However, they can have so many speckles that they look mostly white, like the snake in this […]

Snake of the Day: Texas Garter Snake

Today’s snake in the spotlight is the Texas Garter Snake – a subspecies of the well known and approachable Garter Snake. Texas Garter Snakes eat amphibians, earthworms, and small fish such as minnows. Their primary habitat is Texas’ tall-grass prairies; less than 1% of these prairies remain in Texas. Originally, Texas Garter Snakes found their prey […]

Snake of the Day: Desert Kingsnake

Today’s snake of the day is the Desert Kingsnake. This lovely black and yellow snake looks very similar to one of our previous snake stars – the Speckled Kingsnake. What sets this subspecies apart in its markings are the yellow bands and black splotches created by its speckles. The Speckled Kingsnake has a more uniform distribution […]

Snake of the Day: Ringneck Snake

This dazzling, tiny snake is a Ringneck Snake. There are three subspecies of Diadophis punctatus, including the Mississippi, Prairie, and Regal Ringneck Snakes in Texas. The first two are smaller, growing to only 10-12″ in length. These two snakes eat small frogs, newts, insects, and slugs. The Regal Ringneck Snake, pictured below, can grow up to 19″ […]

Snake of the Day: Indigo Snake

Maybe you’ve heard of Indigo Snakes, or heard someone tell a tale of a large, black snake wandering the wilderness of South Texas. The Indigo Snake is a bit of a celebrity, famous for its diet of rattlesnakes. This species also eats other animals, including birds, amphibians, and other reptiles. You can recognize an Indigo Snake […]