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Snakes in the Food Chain

Snakes are important to their ecosystems as both predators and prey in the food chain. Their role in this chain keeps rodent populations in check, while also feeding predators. Imagine a world without snakes – what might happen if this food chain became out of balance? Snake Predators Birds of prey such as owls and hawks rely on snakes as […]

If You Love Texas, Love its Wildlife

Our state is better than this — stand up against violence towards snakes. The Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup has wrapped up again this year, and has taken with it the lives of pits full of Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes. This festival started 1958, with locals justifying the festival as a means of controlling the snake population. It has […]

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around Snakes

Many parents fear the thought of their children encountering snakes, and with good reason. Curious kids often like to turn over rocks, reach into open logs, and jump into creek water — all of which are common places for snakes to dwell. Here we will teach you how to prepare yourself and your children for potential […]

Snakes by the Numbers: Snakebite Statistics

Based on the annual human deaths by selected outdoor activities, 1978-2001, here are the average annual deaths broken down by activity: In other words, you are six times more likely to be killed by lightning than by a snake! It is important to remember that our native snakes are wild animals just like any other. […]

Learn How to Protect Your Dog from Snake Bites

Venturing into snake-y areas with your dog can be scary. Dogs are curious creatures — they love to approach anything that moves. Here we will teach you some tips for keeping your best friend safe from snake bites. Be aware. Always check your walking area for snakes, especially if you walk in brushy areas. Exercise extra […]

Snakebite Statistics

This information is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife snake bite statistics page. Notice that the average number of deaths per year due to snakebites in Texas is less than one!