Snake of the Day: Bullsnake

Today’s snake is one known for its feisty attitude – the Bullsnake.

Bullsnakes are stocky, three to five foot long snakes that are common in Texas. When threatened, they will often curve themselves into the defensive S-shaped pose pictured below. This pose is often considered aggressive and intimidating, but don’t be fooled. These snakes are non-venomous, and harmless to humans.

This defensive pose and tendency to lunge at humans when threatened has earned Bullsnakes a bad reputation. There are all kinds of myths surrounding this species – some believe that they crossbreed with rattlesnakes, others believe that their bites are deadly due to infection. While a bite from any animal can lead to infection if left untreated, Bullsnake bites are not particularly infectious. And of course,¬†Bullsnakes and rattlesnakes do not breed to create “super snakes”.

Bullsnakes eat small mammals, especially rodents. They are another beneficial species that is great to have around for rodent control purposes. Welcome a Bullsnake the next time you see one, and leave it in peace to continue serving its role in the food chain!


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