Snake of the Day: Desert Kingsnake

Today’s snake of the day is the Desert Kingsnake. This lovely black and yellow snake looks very similar to one of our previous snake stars – the Speckled Kingsnake. What sets this subspecies apart in its markings are the yellow bands and black splotches created by its speckles. The Speckled Kingsnake has a more uniform distribution of black and yellow scales.

Many Desert Kingsnake sightings in Texas occur near the famous “Marfa lights” viewing area – very spooky! These snakes are fairly uncommon in the state, but their favorite places to live are prairie grasslands.

Desert Kingsnakes are non-venomous, and harmless to humans. They eat small reptiles, small mammals, and reptile eggs. They are resistance to pit viper venom, and are therefore able to eat young rattlesnakes.


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