Snake of the Day: Milk Snake

Remember that old saying, “Red next to yellow, kill a fellow; red next to black, friend of Jack”? Well it is important to remember with today’s snake of the day: the Milk Snake!

Milk Snakes are non-venomous imitators of the venomous Coral Snake, which is also found in Texas. On Milk Snakes, the red band and black band touch. Coral Snakes’ red bands and yellow bands touch. Knowing the difference is important — a bite from a Milk Snake is nothing to worry about, but a Coral Snake has potent venom that could potentially be dangerous to humans.

Milk Snakes are harmless, and like many snakes are helpful predators to have around the house. They eat small reptiles, rodents, and sometimes insects. Milk Snakes got their name from a myth: people thought that they drank cows’ milk by attaching to cows’ udders! This, of course, is not true.

Milk Snake Facts Texas

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