Snake of the Day: DeKay’s Brown Snake

Have you ever come across a brown snake with few distinguishing features while gardening? Chances are that you have found just that — a Brown Snake.

Brown Snakes are commonly found in gardens. They thrive in the cool, soft soil, and can find their prey in garden beds. Mainly feeding on slugs, Brown Snakes can help to naturally protect your garden from these pests.

With adults only growing up to twelve inches long, these snakes are often mistaken for juveniles. However, they are simply small snakes in general! Their young are even smaller, and are typically a solid tan or brown color with dark markings on the head.

If you come across a Brown Snake at your home, keep it around! This non-venomous species is harmless to humans, and can help to keep your yard free of common pests.

DeKay's Brown Snake

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